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Custom-made work from ZMH Custom Design is not only a piece of furniture that is functional and beautiful, it is art that is hand-crafted with a combination of your needs and the inspiration, care, and expertise of your builder.

Part of obtaining a unique and quality piece of furniture that will forever stand out in not only your physical space, but your memory and perception, is knowing the story of your custom piece.

Your furniture is created using time-tested methods, quality joinery, and hand tool techniques, making it a piece of your home that is sure to be enjoyed for many years to come.

At ZMH Custom Design, wood from naturally-felled trees is used as often as possible. The final products created are as environmentally-friendly as a new, custom-made piece of furniture can be.

Every project and every piece of work is crafted personally by the company owner, Zachary Harms, with the highest quality materials to ensure that not only does the piece fit your unique needs perfectly, but it will also last a lifetime or more.

Please view more information about  your builder by clicking here: About Zachary Harms



ZMH Custom Design – Short Documentary from CrowdAround Media on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Total hack, a few years ago he left our house without finishing the work. Go to someone with experience who gets the job right the first time around. On top of it all, he’s rude and will just take your money. Terrible quality, terrible “craftsman.”


    • I’m very sorry you feel as though the service was nor satisfactory. After taking some time to review my records, I can’t recall exactly what project you would be referring to, and unfortunately without any accurate contact information included, I have no way to remedy the situation.

      If you would like to contact me directly with a way to reach you I would be happy to remedy whatever issue there is as quickly as possibly considering that you state this was several years ago.


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